Hydro Therapy at K9 Health Center at Urban Tails

Conveniently located at the facilities of Urban Tails in Houston TX, our hydrotherapy suite has been newly created to offer leading edge treatments to support and speed the recovery of your pet.

All our treatments are tailored to the individual needs of your pet. This will be based on our knowledge over 13 years & experience of over 10,000 documented clinical case and the referral from your Veterinary Surgeon of your pet's health, surgical treatment or injury. We find in many cases a combination of Hydro Pool, Physio Treadmill and Spa can give very successful results.

Vet Referral Form (PDF)

Hydrotherapy Pool

We have a 20ft x 15ft easy entry Pool allowing early rehabilitation where reduced weight bearing or control of load on joints is important. There is resting platforms, affording us the opportunity to provide physio movements and massage in the pool. Our water is heated to 82 degrees Fahrenheit to aid pain relief to sore or inflamed joints and our pool operates swim jets providing essential neurological feedback to your pet.

Even though your pet may be a natural swimmer, we provide and fit flotation jackets to all patients. We work one to one with your pet and will always have a Hydro therapist in the pool at all times with the animal. We encourage owners to participate in all aspects of the exercise session although owners are not allowed into the pool itself. We actively encourage you to bring your camera and take still or video pictures as a reference history for the progress of your pet. You can be involved in throwing toys and actively encouraging effort and focus - more effort in means better results out! You are the key partner in your dog's well-being and your dog will appreciate your presence.

Hydro Physio Treadmill

Hydro therapists hands-on inside the treadmill with your pet to aid correct gait and reassure during treatment for dogs that may be nervous to swim. Adjustable water height for correct weight bearing especially for early rehabilitation with spinal or surgery patients. Clear observation allowing us to achieve the physio exercise required and to allow us to film your dog's gait and progress. Speed, position and duration all controlled to achieve best recovery.

Hydrotherapy Spa

The Jacuzzi Spa is the key to providing a balanced and complete therapy session. Physiological and psychological levels are quickly boosted and maintained for longer after the spa session offering only positive side-effects.

The warmth and circulation of the aerated water relaxes the skin, fascial and superficial muscles. The buoyancy of the water relieves weight and stress on the joints of the limbs. Blood vessels dilate, heart rate and pressure drops and the dog relaxes, allowing for the speedy removal of lactic acid from the tissues, helping condition the muscles. The Jacuzzi Spa is also beneficial for paralyzed, post-surgery or injured dogs that do not want to bear weight on a limb. Dogs with neurological disease also derive significant benefits through proprioceptive feedback stimulation.

Hydrotherapy can be used to:

  • Decrease pain
  • Increase sensory perception
  • Relax muscle tension or spasm
  • Reduce oedema (swelling)
  • Increase joint range of movement
  • Increase muscle bulk, strength and tone
  • Improve muscle patterning and recruitment - extremely important for spinal injury dogs learning to walk again
  • Prevent secondary complications as a result of limb disuse, muscle contracture, gait abnormalities
  • Help earlier return to normal life or work - important for assistance or police dogs
  • Slow the progression of the effects of degenerative disease - including osteoarthritis and degenerative myelopathy
  • Improve quality of life - especially for older or disabled dogs

Fully independent, K9 Health Center at Urban Tails, supports all professional Veterinary Practices which wish to extend their complementary therapy offerings in a low-stress environment by formally trained and qualified, experienced, fully insured practitioners.

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