COVID-19 Information

Level 1:


We still have normal Business Hours

Monday - Friday 7a-7pm

Saturday 9a - 2:20pm

Urban Tails is operating at Level 1 of our Preparedness Plan. That means we are restricting people entrance into our facility. We have drop off stations in our parking lot. Pull up to one of the stations and a greeter will come out to help you. If you know certain days, you will be bringing your pup for daycare please let us know.

There is no evidence your Pet is at risk for this disease, but it is possible for the virus to be carried on personal items. We therefore will only allow the Pet to enter with a leash, medications and needed foods.

We are still accepting reservations for all operations. We will send weekly updates or more frequently if needed.

You may call with questions at 713-658-0900, email us at or check our social media platforms for further updates and messages.

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