Health & Safety

Overall Health Requirements

All pets visiting the center must be in good health. For the protection of other dogs and cats in the center, any pet with a communicable condition will not be allowed to stay.

  • Pets adopted from shelters need 30 days in-home prior to admittance to our facility.
  • Pets who have been ill with a communicable condition within the prior 10 days will require a veterinarian's certification of health prior to being re-admitted to the facility.

Female dogs may not be in heat during their loft visit, or during obedience training programs.


Medications required during your pet's lodging are limited to oral and topical applications only, dispensed no more than three times per day. Pets requiring multiple medications may be subject to an additional processing fee.


Pets must be on an effective flea control program; if fleas are found at check-in, a mandatory Capstar pill will be given (prices start at $8.00 + tax).


Our policy is designed to protect the health of all pets in our resort. Our vaccination policy has been created to meet Houston kennel license requirements and Texas state law.

We verify Rabies every 3 years for pets 1+ years. We additionally require immunity/resistance against core diseases (dogs and cats) and Bordetella (dogs). We require evidence from your veterinarian of your pet's current vaccination status and send reminders for Rabies, DHLPP and Bordetella.

We DO defer to each pet's owner/veterinarian team regarding existing immunity status and recommended vaccination protocol for each pet. If your veterinarian has advised against certain vaccination protocols for your pet, and for owners with special circumstances, we will not require those vaccinations. In these circumstances, we will accept your veterinarian's letter and your release of liability in the event your pet contracts disease.

Daycare Dog Social Skills & Attendance Requirements

All dogs attending daycare must be spayed or neutered by 6 months of age. Inappropriate dog behavior can result in termination of daycare or sleepover privileges. We will discuss all situations and concerns candidly with you and recommend training or behavior rehabilitative options that may remedy any undesirable behavior. For everyone's safety, dogs need to play at least once per month to retain daycare and overnight social skills and privileges. We reserve the right to re-test any dog we deem necessary if we have not seen them in 3 months or more.

Calming Aids

Ensuring all guests in our resort are calm and comfortable is an area of focus for us. We use different natural aids that include, but are not limited to: Rescue Remedy, Comfort Zone spray/plug-in, and Lavender spray. We have seen these aids benefit and calm many pets during boarding. This results in a more enjoyable stay for them and overall better health. We find these aids are needed infrequently at our center, but when used are very effective. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns related to the potential use of these aids with your dog.

Toys & Beds, Etc.

For your convenience, we offer basic bedding in our lofts and optional furnishings for additional fees (see our Optional Loft Luxuries form). We realize that your dog may prefer some items from home during their stay. We cannot be held responsible for the condition of any item brought to our center upon its return. We also ask that you limit items to only one or two favorite toys, one bed, blanket, and/or crate. We also appreciate having items that can be washed easily, in the event items become soiled during the stay. Due to our group environment in the dog center, only toys and beds provided by Urban Tails are allowed in daycare and sleepover areas. Collars and leashes are left and stored by us at your own risk (we are not responsible in the event of loss or damage). Cats may bring all their own stuff.

Healthy Pet Guarantee

For your peace of mind, Urban Tails provides a Healthy Pet Guarantee that our customers can accept or decline for each of their pets' stays. This guarantee provides that if your pet gets sick while it is staying with us, or needs to go to a veterinarian within of 5 days after the stay, we will pay the veterinary costs up to a pre-determined limit. Ask our Guest Services Counselors for the current limit of coverage and the cost for this guarantee.

To ensure the safety and security of all clients, our pets, employees and our business, we reserve the right to decline service to any individual or pet for any reason. Please help us ensure that Urban Tails is a safe hangout for dogs and cats.

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