Bow Wow Beach Club

Houston's Bow Wow Beach Club is a fabulous indoor, in-ground, bone-shaped pool designed just for dogs. Our pups have a great time playing with lifeguards in the beach entry and swimming with their buddies. We offer four options for your dog to enjoy swimming and on the first Thursday of every month, we offer a FREE Puppy Swim lesson from 5:00 - 5:30pm, which is open to puppies 6 months and younger. Call us today to sign up!

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Dog Daycare Swim Sessions

Sessions can be scheduled Tuesday - Saturday in the morning or afternoon. We have separate sessions for large and small dogs. Advanced reservations are recommended.

Lodging Swim Sessions

Swim sessions are offered for both cage-free and loft dogs. Cage-free dogs will join the daycare sessions and also have a Sunday option. Loft dog sessions are scheduled Tuesday - Sunday. Make reservations when you schedule your boarding or when you drop off your dog.

Private Swim Sessions

Sessions can be scheduled Tuesday - Sunday. During a private session, you will attend with your dog and an Urban Tails lifeguard will supervise the session. Advanced reservations are required (be sure you understand our cancellation policy).

Free Puppy Swim Sessions

Available usually the first Thursday of every month. Puppies 6 months and younger are invited for a private swim lesson with our swim instructors. Life jackets and treats are included and pool appropriate attire is recommended.


What if My Dog Has Never Gone Swimming Before? No worries if your dog has never swum before; we offer swimming lessons. To help first-timers feel secure, we have life jackets to fit the tiny tails to the grande tailed pups. Our swim instructors use positive techniques to ensure your dog enjoys the experience. The number of lessons required varies by dog and we will provide a feedback report on their session.

Is the Pool Safe? Our pool designed for dogs is 3' deep and holds over 6,000 gallons of water. UV light is our primary sanitation system and is the same technology used by cities to sanitize drinking water. Chlorine is used at low levels as a secondary sanitation system. The pool is closed on Mondays to provide a day of rest after a weekly chlorine shock. Most chlorine has dissipated prior to dogs swimming on Tuesday. No red eyes, skin irritation or chlorine smell with our pups!

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