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  • It’s obvious that you all love dogs and it makes me feel good about leaving my boy with you every day.” – Sandy G
  • Thank you Urban tails for the great care and love you provide for our puppy.” – Benjamin M.
  • With everyone, including the dogs, so happy and friendly, I know that Urban Tails provides an excellent service.” – Christine T.
  • Urban Tails always reassures me they're doing a great job when Rambo comes home happy and calm.” – Jennifer J.
  • We could not be more pleased with Trunks training.” – Jane P.
  • Monica was a fantastic trainer and broke everything down into manageable steps.” – Group Class Participant

Houston's Favorite Pet Grooming Spa

Schedule an appointment with our Spa while your dog is at daycare or lodging and treat him to the ultimate in pampering! The Urban Tails spa is equipped with high quality equipment and products. We place an emphasis on comfort, safety and we work hard to ensure all spa guest are comfortable and relaxed during the grooming process. Bathing and grooming services are available for both dogs and cats.

We specialize in grooming puppies and older dogs. The young and the old both take a little more time, patience and loving through the bathing and dog grooming process. We have acquired quite the reputation among our customers for our gentle care of those with special needs.

Pet Bathing

Dogs love our HydroSurge massaging bath that literally massages the skin as it bathes. This results in a cleaner dog and healthier skin because the blood flow is stimulated. We use luxurious TropiClean—no-soap, all natural shampoos made from botanical extracts. Our bathing service includes a brush out, nail trim and ear cleaning for all dogs. We believe anal glands were designed to be active, especially on a good diet. We only express anal glands upon request.

Pet Grooming

Professional pet grooming includes the basic bathing services and final styling based on your pet’s breed and your personal preference. Our goal is to provide a practical and attractive pet style for our clients. Fill out our Grooming Instructions when you drop off your pet to help us make sure we give you exactly what you want in your pets' groom.

Shedd Control Program

Are hairballs hiding in your corners? Is hair falling off your dog with each step? Are you tempted to shave off the coat? Join our Shedd Control Maintenance Program for 3 months and you'll never leave! This program works on all shedding breeds. The program includes: special shampoos and conditioners that keep the coat clean & strong; unique grooming techniques to remove loose, dead coat; an organic dietary supplement for skin & coat and monthly grooming (appointment required every 4 weeks or less).


Offered to assist in maintaining excellent dental hygiene. We offer a toothbrush club and recommend a weekly recurring schedule. Each dog gets their own toothbrush as a part of our club.

Brush Out

A brush out service is available to help maintain the coat in between grooms.

Nail Clipping

Services can be scheduled independently.


Our bathing & grooming pricing may vary by dog based on the coat types and conditions. Standard prices are by breed or size for short-haired breeds. Please contact us for an estimate!


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